Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website has many different advertisements displayed on its different pages. And, the Google Adsense is our marketing partner.

Please note that this program use some cookies that are installed on your computer to track the visitor’s information. The information collected by our site is used for analyzing the effectiveness of the marketing programs here.

The site visitors can de-activate this user tracking feature at this link -

Information – Data that includes site visiting time, date and the IP address of the visitors are stored in the system. The sole purpose behind this practice is to gather the demographic information about the site visitors. Lease note that your IP address is never linked to the individual information you provide to us at anytime.

Other Websites – There are many other websites linked to us. We shall not bear any kind of responsibility for the other sites as they may have different kind of cookies and also their privacy policy may differ from ours.

Policy Changes – Any kind of changes can be made in this policy at anytime.

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