Post Baby Belly: What Is The Right Post Pregnancy Diet For You?

Post Baby Belly: What Is The Right Post Pregnancy Diet For You?

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Are you concerned about your post baby belly and you can’t seem to lose it? Has it been 6 weeks or so since the birth of your baby? Well you are not alone, many new moms experience difficulty in initially losing their post baby belly.

Firstly remember it took 9 months for your body to stretch to accommodate your full term baby so your post baby belly isn’t going to disappear overnight. But it will reduce over time and it can take several months so you can stop worrying about it.

Of course you can help reduce your post baby belly by choosing the right post pregnancy diet. Don’t be too eager to be in calorie counting mode though especially if you are breastfeeding. Your baby’s health is the most important thing, so you must be on a healthy diet that gives your body the correct nutrients.

There are many healthy diets that will help you GRADUALLY lose weight while ensuring you get all the nutrients that you need at the same time.

Some new moms believe that they will lose weight by simply eating less. While eating less will cause you to lose weight you can you will lose muscle tissue not fat if you don’t have the right post pregnancy diet. This does not provide for a high level of overall fitness and health and is the opposite of what you need. Good fitness and health is what a mother needs during these important months.

For some new mothers getting rid of post baby belly can become an obsession and in some cases it has become like a competition to see who can get into shape the fastest. Well, guess what; there are no prizes for that sort of competition.

If you were eating a healthy diet during your pregnancy you will probably get back in shape faster than those new moms that didn’t.

But even if you did over indulge during your pregnancy; if you switch to a healthy diet now and combine it with exercise (assuming your Doctor or your family’s health care provider has given you the ok) you will be on your way to losing your post baby belly.

A healthy post pregnancy diet will include a variety of fruit, vegetables, lean meat, chicken or fish, legumes, wholegrain cereals, green leafy vegtables and some dairy products, very similar to a healthy pregnancy diet.

Try to avoid living on take-out food or your post baby belly could become a permanent addition.

Don’t be upset if you don’t lose your belly completely even if you are on a healthy post pregnancy diet. This is normal for some new moms. With the right exercises though you can tone up your muscles and feel better about yourself.

Concentrate on eating healthily this will be better for you and your baby, the weight will come off over time. Do regular exercise, but you don’t have to run a marathon. As a proud new mom taking your new baby out in the pram for a walk is good for both of you.

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