5 Terrible Effects of Drinking Alcohol For Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Tips

5 Terrible Effects of Drinking Alcohol For Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Tips

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Alcohol content in the beverages is made when grains, fruits or vegetables are fermented wherein yeast or certain bacteria is used to change sugars into alcohol. Alcohol has roughly 7 empty calories per gram. Why empty? This is because there is no beneficial effect of drinking alcohol.

Why is alcohol drinking considered bad for pregnant woman’s health? Basically, when the pregnant woman drinks alcohol, even a sip, it would also be taken by the unborn baby. Whatever is taken by the mother during pregnancy, it would also be taken by the baby. And the baby will suffer with the bad effect of drinking alcohol.

 1. Insufficient oxygen

Once the mother drinks alcohol, it will be absorbed in the bloodstream and goes straight to the placenta inferring the biological activity in there. One effect of drinking alcohol in pregnant women is it blocks the ability of the unborn baby to get enough oxygen and nourishment it needed for development and growth. Babies born with mothers who drink alcohol have health problems.


2. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol Syndrome or FAS is a psychological and physical disorder such as handicaps experienced by babies when their mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy. This effect of drinking alcohol usually happened during the first trimester of the mothers’ pregnancy.

3. Ventricular Septal Defect and Atrial Septal Defect

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) is a condition wherein the septum that separates the two chambers of the heart has a hole while Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) is an abnormal opening in the septum that divides the two atria. Normally, this is an effect of drinking alcohol during the pregnancy of the mothers.

 4. Mental Retardation

It is a developmental disability that becomes visible with children aged 18 and below. Statistic shows that almost half of the cases of metal retardation are an effect of drinking alcohol of the mothers during pregnancy.

 5. Abnormal Facial Features

This effect of drinking alcohol includes small head, plane face, and thin eye openings. Most children who were exposed to alcohol before they were born experienced this permanent effect.

The effect of drinking alcohol in unborn babies varies on the amount of the alcohol taken and the stage of pregnancy. Nevertheless, drinking too much alcohol or having a sip still affects the developing baby. Mothers must be very careful in dealing these beverages for they might regret the permanent effect it causes their babies. Once the damage is done, you cannot go back from time and change the mistake done. 

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