Month: February 2012

The Hip Mama Survival Guide: Advice From the Trenches On: Pregnancy,Childbirth,Cool Names,Clueless Doctors,Potty Training,Toddler

Filed under Safe Pregnancy Guide 3 Comments [embedded content]Pin It “The Gen-X Dr. Spock” and the founder of “Hip Mama: The Parenting ‘Zine” gives readers advice from the trenches on pregnancy, childbirth, cool names, clueless doctors, potty training, domestic mayhem, right-wing losers, the evil patriarchy, nervous breakdowns, and way more. Line drawings.Can a mother nurse […]

One Year to an Organized Life with Baby: From Pregnancy to Parenthood, the Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Ready for Baby and Keeping Your Family Organized Reviews

Filed under Safe Pregnancy Guide 3 Comments Bringing a baby into the family is undeniably one of life’s most momentous experiences, marked by expectation, joy, and hundreds of tasks and questions. Which baby gear essentials do you need to buy and when? How can you reorganize your home to make room for your baby? When […]

Mommy Fabulous: Complete Pregnancy Fitness and Nutrition Guide: Designed to Deliver a Fabulous Postpartum Figure

Filed under Safe Pregnancy Guide 3 Comments Do you want to have a healthy pregnancy? Not sure what type of exercise is safest or most beneficial? Mommy Fabulous delivers the information every pregnant woman is looking for and provides her with a personal trainer, nutritional counselor and friend. • Complete nutrition for pregnancy, postpartum weightloss […]